Health, Environment and Safety (HES)

Norse Offshore aims to develop a culture that encourages and generates outstanding HES outcomes. We are working tirelessly to create a positive and safe environment for our employees. Our employees are our most important resource, and we want to build a secure and stimulating working environment that fosters and promotes a culture based on trust, respect, co-operation, communication and involvement.

We would like to achieve this by conducting all our activities with respect for our employees and by focusing on health, the environment and safety (HES) when running the business and making decisions. No activity is too important to be carried out without due respect for health and/or the environment.

Our HES policy is embedded in, and forms an important part of, our long-term strategy and goals. Norse Offshore has systems and procedures in place for HES management for monitoring operations and ensuring that they comply with our HES policy, current legislation, regulations and ethical guidelines.



We are Achilles-certified.

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