Business areas

Norse offshore has been supplingen personnel services to the oil- and gas industry, nationally and internationally since 2000.

Our personnel are assigned to a variety of installations, both onshore and offshore, ie: 

  • Fixed installations
  • Floating installations / Flotels
  • Process Plants / Onshore petroleum installations
  • Onshore operational bases
  • Shipyards


We can offer a wide range of qualified personnel in most technical- and service categories needed for the oil- and gas industry.

Here are some of our most common assignments;

  • Process Operators
  • Mechanical Engineers
  • Automaticians / Electricians
  • Nurses
  • Operational Technicians and Experts
  • Heliguard / Shuttle Personnel
  • Radio Operators
  • Laboratory Technicians / Specialists
  • Crane operators

Please contact us at for any other request you might have.